Bartman vs Super-Milhouse

A vector illustration made for the Be Street Bootleg Bart Creative Contest.


The contest

"After 26 seasons and a feature length film, the success of the Simpsons doesn't need to be proved. This show is a true television monument. When you have such an influence on popular imagery, everything is possible, and that is what happened in the '90s with the Bootleg bart phenomenon. Artists would take their spin on the character to include him in some weird, trashy or political situations (sometimes all three at once). For our first group show, we decided to revive this little known unofficial part of Bart's story by inviting over 60 international artists to produce some new and exclusive pieces.

This exceptional exhibition will be exclusively unveiled in Los Angeles on July 25th to 26th 2015, then presented at the Be Street Weeknd in Paris on October 3rd and 4th 2015. This unique experience is going to be amazing, with an interactive and original scenography for the perfect immersion into this subversive underground version of Springfield !"

— Be Street

Work in progress


  • June 2015

  • ≈ 4 hours

  • Personal Work

  • Illustrator

  • No Price