My Master's Degree Diploma project in Design and Digital Innovation at e-artsup. The project is in two parts: a dissertation and then a proposition based on my research that will be presented June 25th.



According to the France Alzheimer association, Alzheimer's disease concerns 3 million people in France, with more than 850 000 people diagnosed. The World Health Organization considers 35.6 million people concerned by the disease worldwide. What are the problems linked to the disease? What are the current existing solutions to fight against this problem? What are the solutions that an interaction design student can offer? Could a connected object help Alzheimer sufferers?

The development of Connected Objects indicates an evolution in the methods of care. The objective of the interaction designer is to think of simple solutions which answer problems brought about by the disease. The connected object takes its place among the solutions to be brought to bear in the fight against Alzheimer's. It has to first helps the sufferer and then the caregivers, the familly, and others. It has to assist in maintaining the autonomy of the beneficiary and to keep the link between sufferer and the caregiver. It has to avoid the major obstacles concerning the use of a 'new' object in the person's life: it should not be intrusive, and be easy to use for a person affected by a cognitive decline. The object has to be capable of assisting the patient, while stimulating his - or more often her - memory.

The thesis

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  • 2015

  • Work in progress

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