Shadows in the Woods

Shadows In The Woods is an interactive installation I made during my 4th year at e-artsup in 2014.

The Design Brief

“ Digital Experience. Create an interactive video installation, light sensitive. It has to be an artistic installation, playful or a design apply. You have to use technologies issues as a principal element ”.

My Answer

The whole scene is dark. The user has a torchlight to discover where he is. I would like to make people aware of the humand influence in the nature. Here, you gonna understand that you're disturbing the environment.


  • January 2014

  • ≈ 2 months

  • F.d'Estienne d'Orves, J.Munn, A.Rivaux & G.Bernier for project monitoring

  • Art Director, Motion-Designer and Developper

  • 1 Maker of Merit