The Hunt

The Hunt is an interactive video realised for the concours of Only Lyon BUZZ.

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The Design Brief

“ This is a student's concours. It has to promote the city Lyon to the international. Make a buzz video on internet within 1-2 minutes length ”.

Our Answer

We decided to make an interactive story. We didn't take any care of making a buzz video. You're a hunter who wants to catch a special animal and you have to make the good choices to get him.

The Story

FLASH NEWS! Good morning, a lion just escaped from its cage, all newspapers are covering the story today! It would have escaped yersterday night around 9 PM. Police forces thinks it might be a sabotage, the neighbourhood is in total panic.


  • May 2013

  • ≈ 2 weeks

  • C.Bail, L.Joly, Q.Chaumy, C.Borjat, & Ziska De Joy

  • Art Direction & Animation

  • The Public Price